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Best comparison game ever!

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I'm teaching in Japan (land of the silent students) and this game worked really well for practicing comparisons- taller than, tallest, etc- with eighth-graders.
First, divide the class into 4-6 teams. Have the kids name as many adjectives as they can and write them all on the board. Then, ask them to name 8-10 countries (write those on the board too). Give them 10 minutes to make sentences using the adjectives and the countries (ie Canada is colder than Japan, Russia is the biggest country...) It's better if they have just one student writing the team's sentences so that they actually work as a team. At the end of the ten minutes, each correct sentence is a point for that team- if you want to encourage originality, tell them that no other team can have the same sentence as them. Then switch it up- I had them name animals and famous people too (famous people can be really funny- especially if they count you as famous)
I was surprised- kids who hardly ever talk were yelling out adjectives that I didn't even know they had learned, and the competition factor really got the whole class interested.
Hope it works as well for you as it did for me!

Janet Lewis
Yasugi, Shimane, Japan

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