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Number Jeopardy

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Number Jeopardy

Target age: Elementary 5th grade to Junior High School 2nd grade
Materials: 1 set of numbers (0 13, one number per sheet) on B5 or A4 paper for each team, a sheet of about 30-40 questions that have numbers for answers. Make sure you have questions for every number that you use, so no student is left out.
Activity length: 45-50 minutes

Start the class with a self-intro or story with details that you can use for bonus questions later.

Divide the class into at least two teams. For twenty students or less, two teams work well. For more than twenty, try three or four teams. It makes clean-up easier if each set of numbers (0-13) is on a different colored paper. Pass out the numbers (not in numerical order) to each team. Each student should get at least one number, some students may get more.

Set up the scoring system on the board with the team names.

Explain that you will read questions where all of the answers are numbers and that the team member with the correct answer should hold it up. First team with the correct answer up, gets a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Read the questions and keep score.

Sample questions:

How many sports? basketball, tennis, soccer, banana (3)
How many family words? mother, father, car, brother, apple, uncle (4)
How many seasons in a year? (4)
How many players on a basketball team? (5)
How many players in a singles tennis game? (2)
How many legs does an octopus have? (8)
How many brothers do I have? (1)
How many months from October to June? (9)
What was the Japanese year last year? (13)

Later on in the game, read questions with answers that require students to put their numbers together, for example: What is 11+ 6? (17). I allow any combination that makes 17 ie: a 13 and a 4 or folding an 11 and putting it next to a 7. Creativity counts!
Save a big number (i.e. How many days in a year? 365) for last. Its fun to watch the students scramble to put it all together.
This is a great listening activity as well as a vocabulary review. All of my classes have enjoyed this one.

Good luck!

Kim Horne
Ogaki, Gifu, Japan
Feb 20, 2003

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