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Hi! I'm teaching in Viet Nam, and they celebrate the Lunar New Year (Tet, as it's called here). As I know nothing about this holiday I thought I would give them the opportunity to tell me about it.
First, I had everyone in the class make a list of their favorite things about Tet and why (10 things for more advanced students, 5 for lower levels). This helped them form some opinions and gain confidence about the subject matter. Then I placed them in groups of 4-5, and gave them the mission of agreeing on one definite list of the best things, in order, about Tet. They all had to agree, so tehy all got to discuss. Then I had one member from each group (usually one of the more passive members) write the list on the board and then explain each tradition to me, answering any questions I might ask. Finally, as a class we would correct on the board any spelling or grammar mistakes the groups had made while compiling the lists.
This is a great way to get students discussing a familiar topic--their own traditions; and it's fun for you, too!
Kerstin Harris-Scranton
[email protected]
Hanoi, Viet Nam

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