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Identification Cards

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I teach at a primary boarding school in China. This excercise serves several purposes and was developed mostly by my students. At the begining of the term I have all my students fill out a "buisness card" with their names (in Chinese and english), their home room teachers, hometown, favorite animal, food, color, etc. I use it to call roll and it really helps me learn the students names and more about themselves. Secondly I use it as a "victim vs. volunteer" system for student involvement. If students aren't particpating, the deck of cards are used to randomly select a participant. I let the previous participant select the next. All know they have an equal chance of being selected and have no excuse for not being attentive. And I have no excuse for focusing on the bright students and letting the shy less prepared students off the hook. Also if a student is misbehaving their card goes into a pile for discipline. Then I use the back of the card as a record.
[email protected] Guangzhou China

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