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This activity requires some preparation, and works best with a class of intermediate to advanced level.

You need to look through magazines, newspapers, catalogues, etc for a selection of really "interesting" pictures. All of the pictures must include at least one person who is doing something rather unusual.

*Examples of some of my own pictures:
-A man in a suit, crouched under a dining table and screaming whilst covering his ears
-A man riding on the back of a giant piggy bank
-A woman singing with a pair of underpants on her head
-A man dressed in a traditional burglar's outfit (striped sweater, black mask, etc) standing outside a door where an alarm is going off

Show ONE of the pictures to the whole class. Ask them to think very briefly (about 30 seconds) about what they would like to ask the person in the picture. Then tell one of the more outgoing members of the class that they are the person in the picture. Give the class a few minutes to gather some ideas on questions that they could ask the person. The student who has been given the role of the person in the picture may use this time to try and predict the other students' questions, and prepare his/her answers.

The discussion begins with a student asking one of his/her questions to the "person in the picture". This activity develops according to the answers which are given. The students think of new questions as the discussion develops, and often end up not even asking the questions which they had originally prepared.

A new picture can be used for a second round of the activity, with a different student given the role of the person in the picture.

When I first tried this I thought the class would run out of things to say in about 30 seconds, but it can go on for 5-10 minutes with each picture and is hilarious with the right class.

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