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Improved Chinese Whispers

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I teach large high school classes in Japan and often use the chinese whisper game. However, I found that it is very boring for the students once they have passed the message on. So this is my adaptation to get everyone involved, you can change the context etc depending on your topic. I used this version in a `telephone messages` lesson:

(1) Students are in row teams.
(2) The students at the back of each team are given a conversation
( I used 5-7 sentences).
(3) The front student of each team stands at the board ready to write.
(4) The students at the back read each sentence to the person in front of them, who then passes it on etc. Until it reaches the front person who writes the sentence on the board. The game continues until a team has all their sentences written (correctly) on the board.
(5) The student at the back can pass on each sentence as quickly as they want, just as long as the messages are moving quickly enough to the front.
(6) You can give each team a different set of sentences to make it more interesting.

I found this game worked really well because everyone had something to do, either writing, listening, or speaking. The students never had to wait too long before they had a job to do. And they were all very interested to read the results on the board - as was I!

Hope this helps!
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