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The Ball and Riddle game

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I tried this game this morning and my students were really happy.
Any level will do. Just adapt the riddles.

Time : 15 minutes

1) Choose about ten (not too long)riddles, or more if you have more time.
2) Read the riddles to your students. Let them think a few minutes to find the answer. If no one finds it, tell the answer.
Tell your students to try to remember the answers to the riddles !
3) After having read all the riddles, make your students stand up and form a circle. Give the ball to one student. This student has to throw the ball to the student of his/her choice. The teacher gives a riddle. The one who's got the ball must try to remember what the right answer was and tell the others. You repeat the action until you've told all your riddles.

e.g. Why didn't the skeleton go to the party?> Because he had no-body to go with.
I have 12 legs, 5 arms and 3 heads. What am I? > a liar
A man was injected a deadly poison, but it didn't kill him. Why? > he was already dead !
What starts with a P, ends with E, and has millions of letters? > a post office
Which month has 28 days? > all of them !
What word begins with E, ends with E and has one letter? > an envelope
Why is the letter T like an island? > bcause it's in the middle of water !
What 4 animals does a woman need in her life? > a) a mink on her back b) a jaguar in her garage c) a tiger in her bed d) and a jackass to pay for it all !

Varia : copy the different riddles on pieces of paper with their answers. Give one piece of paper to each student. Students move in the class and work in pairs. They have to tell their riddles and the other student has to guess what the right answer is! After you can make your students vote for the best riddle !

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