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Simple Spelling for a Sticker

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A way for students who never win - to suddenly win! It is so simple that it is barely a game, but my older high school and adult English students liked it.

Before a quiz (at the end of the hour) each student takes out a sheet of paper and a pen. The student holds their pen in the air. you call out a word and say "go!" The students write the word as many times as possible until you say "Stop!" Then, you say, "Anyone who has four or more words-- raise your hand." You keep going up. The person with the most words written down (if it is spelled correctly) wins. You can also hold up a large flashcard if the students are not sturdy on their spelling. A great way to provide some quick practice of those pesky English non-phonetic spellings!

Stephanie of Minnesota, USA (idea from my friend Sarah)

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