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Have SS form a circle around the room. The Ss will then in turn go round the room saying the following sentences:
1st SS - "What is this"
2nd SS - "This is a/an ________." (must think of an object to say.)
3rd SS - "How many ________ do you have?"
4th SS - "I have 3 _______." (SS must choose a number between 1-5)
Depending on the number choose, the next X number of SS sits down. IN this case, the next 3.
8th SS - "This is the ________ i like." (Ss goes and taps one of the SS who are sitting down. THey can now stand up again.)
9th SS - Starts from "WHat is this?" again.

THose who are sitting down are out of the game. THe 2 remaining SS wins the game.

Jean Chai
Sydney, Australia

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