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Present Progressive Practice for Beginners

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I got this idea from the Azar grammar book.
Take a bunch of index cards and write a verb on each. I usually write about 20. Eg. work, cook, eat etc. Place them face down in the middle of a table. Then tell your students that each one will choose a card. The will then have to act it out(charades) until one of the others can guess what it is. The others are only allowed to guess in the form of a question or sentence. Are you -ing? or You are -ing. This gets everyone laughing and is an easy way to show them that -ing verbs are dynamic.
If it can be acted out, most of the time, it has an -ing form.
Eg. eat.
But if it's too difficult to act out then the verb has no -ing form. Eg love.

Enjoy. And let me know if you have any questions.
Neela Jayaraman
American teaching in Berlin
[email protected]

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