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Alphabet Soup Attack!

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For elementary or kindergarten students, a good way to finish a lesson is with Alphabet Soup Attack!

1. Simply draw the alphabet randomly on the white/black board.

2. Break the class into two teams.

3. Put each team in a line a few meters from the board with an eraser.

4. Call out one by one the letters you have drawn. Students race to be the first to erase the letters as you call them. The first team to erase the letter gets a point. Erasing a false letter might mean losing a point.

To make it more difficult, change letters for words. You can also draw items in pairs and singly so that you can call out "it is a banana" or "they're bananas" - students have to listen carefully and erase the correct picture (one banana or two bananas).

It's a fun way to practice the plural and singular of to be.

Also, call out bogus words which are not on the board, the students race to the board searching wildly for the non-existent letter/word until bursting into laughter.

The game tests reading and listening and is an excellent bordem buster for the last 10 mins of a class. Good Luck.

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