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Work for your Easter Eggs!

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Easter is a big holiday in's usually the first vacation from work that my adult students have after Christmas, so people are really ready for it and can use a fun lesson.
After a quick (really quick!) discussion of Easter traditions, I do an Easter Egg Hunt. I give students a list of clues that lead them to chocolate Easter eggs hidden in the classrooms- my classes are in the evening, so there are only the other teachers and myself and we can monitor the action quite easily.
Clues can include directions--turn left, right, etc., references to things that have happened thus far in class (last year the photocopier erupted on me, so I included the clue "Look behind the machine your teacher can't stand."), instructions to ask other teachers, and a phone number to call-- if your comfortable with it, use your cellphone number-- to receive clues left on voicemail.
Grade it up or down depending on the level, split into teams if you have a lot of students, and have fun...the winner shares the eggs only if they're feeling generous.
Judi in Asti

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