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This is a good game for reviewing a previous unit or for working on just simple question and answers.
Divide the class into teams
Explain to them that you will be asking questions and they get points for correct answers.
Tell them that if they know the answer, they must make a nasal sound "einggg". The first to make the sound gets to answer the question.
You ask a question. It can be something from the lesson or for fun, it can be something like,"How many students are wearing red?"
"What color are Jin Hee's socks?"
The first team to "einng" gets 20 seconds to answer correctly (or whatever amount of time you feel comfortable with)
If they answer correctly, they get a point, if not, the other team gets to try.
You can use this game to work on spelling, grammar, general knowlege questions or whatever you like.
Cheers, and have fun!
Busan, South Korea

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