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Manic Musical Chairs (and sneaky drilling!)

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I've used this many times with teens and adults (and believe it or not, all my classes love it). It's basically musical chairs: you play music and everyone tries to sit down when you stop. The person who can't sit down has to make a sentence using your (already presented) pre-selected skeleton sentence (on the white board). Among other classes, I've done it with Present Perfect for Intermediate students - I have ..., but I've never.... I like it because (a)it's a lot more fun than simply going round the students one-by-one (b)you can pick the stronger students a bit less conspicuously (c) Everyone strains to hear the examples because they don't want to be stuck when it's their turn (d) it really ups the energy levels. It's especially good near the start of a new course and also at the start of a lesson to get everyone laughing (and recycling the material you did the last time) especially if you plan to continue working on it.

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