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I've got 3rd year business students in China. I read the "Stockticker" on this page & thought"why use a home made ticker, why not use the real thing"
I have been giving short sessions on Share Trading & how the stock market works. I spilt the calss into groups of 4 or 5, then I chose 20 stocks from the Australian All Ordinaries Index. Each group was given an imaginary AUD$500,000.00 & 8 weeks to make as much money as possible.
I designed an excel spreadsheet to suit, with all relevent costs etc included. I continued the share trading sessions & helped when asked. The winning group made $87,000.00 profit in 8 weeks.
If you are interested, email me & I can send you a copy of my spreadsheet.
Bryan, Nantong China
[email protected]

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