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The REAL Hide & Seek (preposition practise)

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I picked this game up from a teacher's guide for one of the Super Kids books. It involves some quick prep work before class and some snacks.

OBJECTIVE: a fun way to learn prepositions (under, in, on, next to)

Pick up some snacks for your class--at least one snack for each kid, as some kids are naturally better at finding things than others. HIDE the snacks under chairs, in drawers, behind the door, above the door, in the pencil sharpener--even tape them under the table. (Don't put too many out of reach.)

DURING CLASS: quick review of prepositions.

THEN, in class, have a TREASURE HUNT. Maybe you should reveal one snack and ask "Where was it?" (Answer: "Under the chair", say.) Then say "GO"--this will keep them busy for five or ten minutes if you have a class of ten or so.

AFTER they find them all, get them to make a phrase telling you where they got it.
T: "Where was it?"
S: "Under the chair." "In the drawer." "Behind the picture." etc.

Even if their answers are confused, they'll still appreciate the snacks, especially on a Friday afternoon when they'd rather be home.

Hwamyeong-dong, Pusan, S. Korea

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