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Grammar Board Races

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To review for an exam or practice a variety of material, I like to have a "board race". Divide the students into two groups and draw a line down the middle of the board. If it's a big class (and a big board) you can have three groups. The students close their books and notebooks. One student from each group goes to the board. The teacher gives them a sentence to write. For example: Use the verb "to be" in a present perfect sentence. The first student who correctly writes an appropriate sentence gets a point for their team. Then two different students come to the board. All students are allowed to help the person at the board but they can't use anything but their brains! Using a book means that the team doesn't get the point.
This lets students review a lot of material and identifies common problem areas. Furthermore, it fosters cooperation and unifies the students as a group. They like to prove that they know the material and are creative and funny.

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