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Frank's invisible +/- line game

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The teacher explains that there is an invisible line diagonally in the classroom. One corner of the classrom is positive (+) the other corner at the end of the the line is a negative place (-). The middle is rather neutral.

If you stand at the negative end of the line you can move along the line to a more positive place. You can also go in the other direction, however.

The teacher asks the pupils to walk arond in the classroom and listen to the teacher's instructions.

The teacher mentions the name of a famous musician/actor/politician, garlic, the name of a movie, a school subject, a TV programme ....... and invites the pupils to place themselves along the line according to their feelings about the subject mentioned.

Some pupils will be at the positive end of the line. The teacher asks a pupil, 'Why are you standing there?' It is rather easy to answer, 'I love/like ......' or in the other end of the line 'I hate/don't like ......', but it is more difficult to answer the question if you are standing in the middle section.

I sometimes use this game as an English teacher in Denmark to help my pupils produce more balanced answers than 'I love/hate .....'.

Try it! - I am sure your pupils will have a great time -and learn something in the process.

Frank Vedel

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