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Right or Wrong betting

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This can be used for reviewing anything really. You split the class into small groups and give each one two envelopes one with "Right" and one with "Wrong" written on it. Here in Japan we use "O" and "X" as symbols to represent these. Also give each group some paper money or some paper to write sums of money on. Then write sentences or English on the blackboard and each group decides if the sentence is correct or not. They choose an amount of money they want to bet on the answer and put the money into the appropriate envelope. They they stick the envelope on the blackboard (e.g. using a magnet), but with the answer facing the board so other groups cannot see it. When all the bets have been placed on the board, turn them over one by one so all groups can see how the others answered. Then reveal the answer. The groups who guessed right double their money, the losers lose their stake. The winning group is the one with most money at the end.

I made difficult examples such as questions with no question mark at the end, or a full stop in the middle of the sentence, but you can try to trick students with difficult spelling or grammar. Works well before a test in which students will lose marks for incorrect punctuation or not putting a capital letter at the start of a sentence, despite the fact that this in no way impedes understanding and indeed native speakers nowadays often use punctuation incorrectly or not at all. Can you detect a slight tone of frustration against the Japanese approach to teaching English? Well anyway try this game; students love it and it teaches them how-to-pass-English-test skills.

Lars Nielsen
Seiro Town

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