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Picture bingo--practice with this/that

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Maybe you've played picture bingo yourself in a foreign language class. This is a good game for listening, speaking, and practicing new or old vocabulary. I've started making my own picture bingo cards. Here's how:

I think this works best if you choose a theme for the bingo pictures, such as clothes, things in a school, etc. Look on the internet for clip-art for your theme. You can probably print off big pictures for flash cards and cut and paste the small icons to a Word document. You will use these for the bingo squares.

Make a 5*5 grid on your computer and write BINGO on the top. Fill the squares in with pictures (either the small clipped art or pictures you drew yourself). Use tape to put these pictures in the square so you can remove them. Make about 2 copies of every bingo card, and then change the card around...moving around the taped clipped art. (If the cards are all the same...your kids will all yell bingo at the same time!)

Before playing bingo, ask your kids "What is this?" and have them respond with "That is a pencil (a pen, a computer, an eraser, an exacto knife, etc.) Then demonstrate a sequence of "what is that?" giving the object to a student, so they will respond, "This is a pencil, glue, white-out, an eraser, etc. Then have your students cut out little paper chits to cover up the bingo cards. Tell them not to write on your copies (even better if you can laminate them).

Play Bingo, first asking students to respond to your flashcards (WHAT IS THIS, THAT IS pattern). Then, stop using pictures and have them play bingo just listening to you say "This is a paper clip", etc. (WITHOUT PICTURES!). The first students to yell bingo and tell you correctly (in complete sentences) what is on their paper will win. Give them a small prize when they win.

Note: You can mix things up as follows: one time have only DOWN win. Next, only ACROSS. For the last few "speed games" everything wins (FOUR CORNERS, DIAGONAL, DOWN, ACROSS). Remember there is a freee space in the middle.

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