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Abstract from the game simple simon says

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I am currently teaching elementary english in a language school.
yesterday,i just created a game for my class and they enjoyed it.
i used them with preposition words that they have learnt before.
for example:in,on,at,up,down,under.

the game goes like this,i get my student from the class to sit down
and I ask student A to come to the front to read the command

A:Stand up
so everyone will have to stand up
the last one to stand up will have to do the next reading
and then he reads another phrase.he has to look out for the last
person doing his command too,if not,he has to do another reading.

most of my students enjoyed this game and i think it is pretty fun for
students i can hear laughters in the also gets them
refreshed when they were about to fall asleep.

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