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Exaggeration is the key

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When teaching pronunciation, I think back to my days singing in choirs. ENUNCIATION. Enunciation can be really fun to teach and it will works.
The key is to exaggerate mouth movements and get the class to do the same. It can look ridiculous and everyone has a good laugh but in the end with a few minutes practice everyday they start to get a feel for the letter and will be pronouncing things better.

R (real problem for koreans) - Lower your chin like some kind of bullfrog, puff out your throat and growl. rrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRA! Start barking like a dog for some fun
L (another problem letter for koreans) - open your mouth and flick that toungue on your teeth as obviously as possible. Sing Lalalala

Key is to practice for a couple minutes on a regular basis.

Cheongju, Korea
[email protected]

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