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pre-teach animals.
play cherades.
make a house with desks and chairs, towels, anything.
get them to hide inside.
hide behind something and knock - 'can I come in?' I say.
then they say 'who is it?'
I think of an animal, and act it out. "Im a _______" If I'm scary, like "I'm a lion" they run to hide and say "no, you can't come in." If "I'm a bird," they love to watch you fly around the house, peck them gently on the head, anything.
do this a few times, then away you go. "It's Cindy's turn!" and they love being the animal. They think of more animals than I can, and they learn new words, with the "I'm a ____" structure.
let me know if it works for you!
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