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This is not stand-up comedy time

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While my students worked quietly on their exams, I could hear the teacher next door to me. It sounded like a one man show. The teacher was going on and on about her life. Before I could shake my head at her, I realized I had been doing the same thing.

It's so easy to give you opinion about discussion topics or give a good answer to a tough question. The students smile and laugh and I feel so well loved. But, these are not the ways of a good teacher. The classroom should be student based, not teacher based. Try to resist the urge to talk so much. Let the students talk. It might take a while, but be patient.

It's okay to occasionally share a little about yourself, but think about it. Would you like to travel all the way to France to hear your French teacher talk about her terrible weekend. Or would you like to improve you French skills?

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