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Hello, Goodbye, sit down, stand up!

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This is just a nice warm up exercise I used to get the students out of thier post lunch stupor. I works really well with JHS students. First I go over some antonyms with the students, then I hand out the lyrics to "Hello Goodbye" by the Beatles. I ask the students to find the antonyms which I then write on the board. I put one word on one side of the board and its opposite on the other side. I divide the class in two and instruct one side of the class to stand up when they hear a word and sit down when they hear its opposite. The other side of the class stands up when the first group sits down. There are parts in the song where a word (like "Hello") is repeated before it's antonym is sung. For those parts of the song I got the students to jump up and down when their word was repeated. It helps to do this with the students.
Travis Dickason
Tanno Junior High School, Japan

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