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This very simple activity is very effective in not only helping students to gain a better vocabulary, but also some experience in using their dictionary. Prior to this game, make a list of vocabulary words, i.e., irregular verbs, adjectives, prepositions, etc. along with their definitions. Make sure everyone has their dictionary. Divide the students into groups of 2-4. Choose a word from your list and give just the definition to the entire class. The students must then, as quickly as possible, find the correct word that corresponds to the definition. As soon as the word has been found, the student raises his/her hand. She must then utter the word and use it correctly in a sentence using the tense of your choice. If he/she is incorrect in finding the correct word and/or producing a logical sentence, then the second student to raise his/her hand has a chance to do so, and so on. The first student to find and use the word correctly in a sentence wins a point for his/her team.
Note: The competition gets a little heated, so students tend to poke a finger into the dictionary in order to gain an advantage. Make sure that all dictionaries are closed, placed on top of the desks, and the students' hands are on their laps before the definition is given.

Have fun!

Jim---Quito, Ecuador
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