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So you liked "Grrr, Who stole My Cheese?" eh? Then you'll love this. This game will be particularly enjoyed by anyone who enjoyed the posthumous antics of the movies "Weekend At Bernies" and to a slightly lesser extent, "Weekend At Bernies 2", and lets face it, that means just about everybody. First let me bring the minority who haven't seen the movies up to speed. The action revolves around two losers who go to a party at Bernie's house. Bernie is a rich jerk and he gets killed or dies somehow. Then the two losers have to pretend he is still alive for some reason, so they put a pair of sunglasses on him and carry or drive him around town for a while, making him wave at people etc, with hilarious consequences. Now, converting this situation to a classroom game is simple. First you need to find a pupil to become the bespectacled corpse. So, lets say you pick some kid called Guillermo, the game becomes "Weekend At Guillermo's". Then simply get two more pupils to carry him around the imaginary town. As for the other pupils, they have to come up with different role play scenarios which they too can partake in, for example, Bernie / Guillermo buying fruit from the market. The possibilities are endless. What are you waiting for? Go and find a corpse!
Rory Calhoun.

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