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We play this game with friends even in native tongue, so funny and engaging it is. The rules may seem a little bit complicated at first. But take you time, and I assure you, your students will never regret.
Teacher’s explanation:
“One of you is a leader, he thinks of any word (e.g. “fabric”) He can reveal the word letter by letter. Others should guess the word. He says the first letter – “f ”. Then any player thinks of a word beginning with “f ” , and he must explain this word. The rest should guess, the leader as well. If any player guesses he says : “ I got you!” then they say with a player who thought of a word with “f “ : “one, two, three … “ …and both at the same time this word. If they say the same word, the leader should reveal the second letter (“ a”). The game goes on. If not, the players again think of a word with “f “. The leader should also guess their words. If he does, they think of a new word.
It’s good if two or three players know each other better, have some things in common, they can explain the words in the peculiar way, with the details only they know. E.g. : “ A meal we ordered last Sunday at the café”.
This way, the leader reveals the word. A player who guesses the main word (“ fabric”) takes the next turn.”
Alima Kim
Gorno-Altaisk, Russia
[email protected]

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