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This is just a wee helper for the game ĎStick it on meí mentioned earlier, I think that is you can put a different coloured dot on each of the stickers indicating the difficulty. Award 3 points for the hardest ones, 2 for the intermediate and 1 for the easy ones. I donít know if this is any help but here is the list that I use for drawing the stickers.

Beginner: Yellow dots

Right Eye
Left Ear
Right Knee
Left Elbow
Back of Right Hand

Intermediate: Green Dots

Back of Right Thigh
Left Shin
Left Palm
Jawbone (Jaw)
Right Nostril
Right Earlobe
Right Kneecap
Left Cheekbone

Expert: Red Dots

Knuckle of Left Index Finger
Frustum (the wee dent under your nose)
In-between Shoulder Blades
Small of the Back
Septum (the bit that separates you nostrils)

I have found that for smaller classes itís more fun if you get them to stick the stickers to you. Thanks to the original creator Nerissa in Korea for this one, it was a lot of fun.

Asa (Wuhan, China)

[email protected]

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