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The Great (almost) No-Prep Revising/Spelling Game

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You will need:

- a bag with papers in it (each paper has a letter of the alphabet written on it
- a timer
- pencil / paper for the students
- dictionaries


Every student should have their own piece of paper and pencil. Pull a letter out of the bag. Set the timer for 3 minutes (or whatever time you feel is appropriate). Students have 3 minutes to write a paragraph containing as many words that begin with the chosen letter as possible. Sentences must be grammatically correct (i.e. have a subject and an object, have a correctly conjugated verb, etc.), but their topics can be silly.

At the end of 3 minutes, the pencils must be put down. Papers are traded. Students check each others paper for spelling errors. If any word is spelled wrong, they must cross it out, and that word is OUT OF PLAY. Dictionaries may be used for this checking process.

Once the papers are checked students count the number of IN PLAY words that begin with the chosen letter. That is how many points the student recieves. The papers are returned to their authors.

The game can be played multiple times with different letters. It's a great way to get students writing, revising/spell checking and using dictionaries (which is usually difficult to get them excited about!)

Follow Ups:

- Write troublesome words on the board to review at the end of class.

- Have students share their silly paragraphs with the class.

- At the end of the game have students rewrite and illustrate one of their paragraphs for display.

by, Amanda Fredericks
ESL Teacher (gr 7-12), Shorewood Wisconsin

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