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Halloween Mad-lib and comic strip

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Here's a mad-lib idea I'm using with my class.

Present Halloween and Halloween people any way you like (I'm using flashcards of Halloween people).

Then go over what an adjective is, what a verb is, and what a noun is. I give my students descriptions in English and examples. I also give them the translation in their language (they are middle schoolers).

Have students write these down in preparation for a mad-lib. You should probably do a model first with students and then have them work individually or in groups.
A) An adjective (color):
B) An adjective (weather):
C) An adjective (to describe a person):
D)Noun: a Halloween person:
E) Noun: A Halloween person:
F) Verb-past tense:
G) An adjective (to describe a person).

Then explain to students what a mad-lib is. (I just tell them a silly story.) Tell them we are going to write a mad-lib with the words we just wrote down. Then we are going to make a comic strip out of our mad-lib (Again, have a model comic strip to show them).

MAD-LIB and NARRATION TO COMIC STRIP (Fill in with above words.):
1) It was a AA and BB night.
2) A CC DD knocked on the door of the old house.
3) A EE opened the door and FFed.
4) The DD went inside the house. His GG face was never seen again.

After the kids create their original mad-libs in groups, have them illustrate them (maybe in groups of 4 with each person doing a frame. You might also want to choose "jobs for each of them, "writer", etc). Bring paper and glue and markers for them to use. I even brought construction paper. They can just create a simple comic strip, or they can make an "Action" comic stip with a door that opens and everything. Each part of the mad-lib (1,2, 3, and 4) represents a different frame to the comic strip.

Kristi, Mokpo, S. Korea

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