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Team-teaching at the Hamburger Shop

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I work in a Japanese Middle School and was frustrated that the new Horizons textbook had the menu for the Hamburger Lesson in yen! So I made a new menu for Burger America with a wider selection and prices in dollars. The idea was that after seeing the other teacher and me model a conversation, the students should be able to role play their own hamburger shop conversation.

As is often true of Japanese students, however, once the lesson is taken out of context of the textbooks, they don't really know how to apply what they've learned. So, to guide them along, I made a little paper cap and pretended to be the Burger America employee. After helping a few students through the conversation (including the one who wanted 100 hamburgers, please), the other teacher spiced it up by pretending to be a Japanese person who couldn't speak English. The student had to translate their order and my questions for him.

It worked great, and the whole class enjoyed it, although we weren't able to get to most students. The most entertaining part was at the end, when the poor flumoxed student didn't know how to translate when he asked me what I was doing on Saturday night!

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