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Chewy Intervention Association

This really is for the older students, especially classes of all boys. Most kids chew copius amounts gum in between there classes or when they come to school, and as they are not allowed to in class they decide the best place to file it under "Rubbish"......that is, the floor.

So for the most continually disruptive kids, the ones that can endure even your toughest punishments (that is without sending them to the principal) give em a trusty paint scraper and point out the really hard black lumps of gum (some of which may have turned into small school hall speed bumps) you want removed from the floor.

I don't know whether this was a good thing but in all the classes I tried it in, everyone actually wanted to have a go. Even the principle's son and girls were voluntarily on their hands and knees, feverishly scraping away. But hey at least they didn't think it was too harsh and the good old classroom policing soon took over.

So hand over your favourite students to the C.I.A. today and see if they can get themselves out of a sticky situation.

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