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Shopping vocab for beginners - fun for adults

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Our family used to play this many years ago. Now I find it works well in most classes.

We knew it as: I took my basket shopping.

Player 1. I took my basket shopping and I bought... (an 'A' word) eg. an apple.

Player 2. I took my basket shopping and I bought an apple and (eg)a banana.

Player 3. I took my basket shopping and I bought an apple, a banana and a cassette recorder.

...and so on through the alphabet. Our family would sometimes go a few times through, not being allowed to use the same word twice. It became hilarious.

I don't use the original words in the classroom, rather... Yesterday I went shopping with my mother and we bought...
(This was helpful as many students tend to say: "I went to shopping...")

or.... Last year I went to New York and brought back....

It doesn't have to be in the past tense either. eg. When my friend and I go to Seoul we will take.....

It can also get more complex for the more advanced students.. eg. Next year, when my brother and I go on vacation to Switzerland, we must remember to take.....

This game gradually introduces new vocabulary, is good training for use of correct article, provides repetition of one sentence (of your choice)without boredom, and is open to your own required variations.

For beginners the opening sentence can be written on the board.

It is excellent for bringing shy students, especially adults, out of their shells.

It may not be appropriate for larger classes as it can take a while for turns to come around.

I hope this works for you.

Diane Kay
Daegu, S Korea

Please let me know how it goes. [email protected]
Also any other games for beginners would be appreciated.

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