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I can't take the credit for this one, but it's a good game to show you just how well beginning students can spell

Who is it for:
Beginners, phonics/beginning level students only

To start:
Start writing a list of words they knows in random places on the board. Add in words that are spelled similarly/sound similar ie. Grass and Glass (a troublesome pair for Korean students)
- Make sure the words can be reached by students!

2. Divide students into team

3. Take two students from each team and give them a marker or pointer of some sort

4. Yell out a word on the board

5. Students have to run to the board and touch the word you said

THe kids love this game. YOu'll be surprised at how many they get horribly wrong. It's a bit of an eye opener for teachers

Daegu, Korea
[email protected]

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