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Sticky Fingers - for the beginners!

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Excellent game for beginner students. Teaches listening skills. Make sure the class has less then ten students though!

1. First designate a 'key word' like Dog, or cat

2. Each students grabs one of your fingers

3. Start yelling out random words. THis works best if you use a bunch of nonsense words that sound like the key word. ie. If the key word is Dog, yell Pog! And Dot!

4. WHen you yell out the key word, students have to run to the far wall while you chase them and try to catch someone

The kids LOVE this game but a warning: Kids might trip, bang themselves, etc etc. At least one kid seems to do this every time I play but they usually jump back up and beg for more. Just something to be careful of

Daegu, Korea
[email protected]

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