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World Cup Game

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This is a simple game the kids always want to stay behind and continue. As a bonus, the kids are real quiet and well behaved whenever I play this too! The name refers to the first time I used it (which was during the world cup) Students of all levels can play this, but better with ones who know have a decent vocabulary

1. Pick a couple words, try to pick ones with a good selection of letters. I started with 'World Cup Game'. Other suggestions are 'Red paint', 'Telephone number' and so on

2. Divide students into groups and have them push their desks together

3. Students have to make words using only the letters in the words 'World Cup Game'

Example: Car, Cow, Draw
You can't repeast letters unless they are repeated in the phrase you use

The team with the most words win

This game can last an entire class if you let it, and the students are eager to whisper so other teams don't hear what they come up with!

If there are only less students, do it on the whiteboard, with each team taking turns to add words. Give them points for how many letters are in each word they come up with

Daegu, Korea

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