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Here’s a game for communication skills.

Moods are listed on the right, Sentences on the left. Go through the list and make sure students understand the “moods”. Cut up the list and place moods in a hat. (I gave the students a copy of the list also to help them remember all of the different moods) Give each student a sentence (listed on the right). Students have to say the sentence in the mood that was drawn. I used this as a part of the public speaking portion of the class. I started off by having students do facials with the “moods” on the left, then we talked about intonation and gestures while playing this game.

Hope you like it! Angela Brown – Findlay, Ohio

Happy You are my best friend
Angry I really love apple pie
Sad Angela is the best teacher
Surprised No one is going on the trip
Distressed I studied all night long
Lovingly You hurt my feelings
Ashamed My dog is named Pepper
Tired I hate going to the doctor
Excited My sister is in Jamaica
Bored Do you like your classes
Mysterious You shouldn’t say that
Cowardly Who told you that
Unsympathetic Is that true
Agitated I can’t believe it
Hopeful Why are you bothering me
Enraged Why is the sky blue

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