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List of Songs that has worked well for me

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I've been teaching popsongs for more than one year and I had to teach a different one each week, so imagine how many songs I've done already. You DO have to be careful what kind of songs to use especially for teenagers or yongsters (if you don't want their parents to flip). There were some songs that worked really well for my class.

Pretend to be nice; You Don't See Me- Josie and the Pussycats
I believe I can fly- R. Kelly
YMCA- Village People
Video Killed the Radio Star- Presidents of the USA
Mirror Mirror; Everything- M2M
Crush- Mandy Moore
Uptown Girl- Billy Joel and Westlife
Lucky- Britney Spears
Unpretty- TLC
When You Look At Me- Christina Millian (excellent song to talk about prejudice and stuff)
All You Wanted, Everywhere- Michelle Branch
Never Too Far- Mariah Carey
A Thousand Miles- Vanessa Carlton
Separated- Usher (Great Metaphores? May be a little corny ;-)

There are many other songs I've done but these worked out the best, kinda. If you want corny songs with great pronunciation, try those cheezy boygroup songs.

Good Luck!

Cassie Kim
[email protected]

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