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Alejo's Word Pum

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There is a drinking game in Colombia called Pum. People sit around in a circle and say numbers in order (1,2,3,4....) but the tough part is this... every time the number 3 or a multiple of 3 comes the player must say pum ( 1,2,pum,4,5,pum,7,8,pum,10....). The person that misses the pum or the correct number drinks.

For english I made a variation like this. Bring a bag of letter tiles from Scrabble to class and pick one letter out (or have a student do it)and show it to the students. The first one must say a word with that letter, the second one also but the third one says a word with the next letter of the alphabet and then go back to the original letter two times and then again the next letter.

Example: Let's say the letter is A: First student says Apple, the next Airplane, the next Bus, the next Air, the next All, the next bicycle.... and so on.

Note: Don't bring alcohol to class, PLEASE!!!!

Well, hope it works for you and if not, you also have there a game to play with your co-workers after class.:)

Alejandro Rosa Muskus
Alliance Language Centers
Medellin, Colombia

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