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Ok, This is what you do. First, you get some large pieces of white board , you write all of your students names on the white board And about 50 spaces to put stamps on the white board after each students name. Now each student has the capability to get 3 stamps and one or two students will be able to achieve 4 stamps per class. Then you need to make a Majick Box. You take a shoe box and wrap it with nice wrapping paper and you fill it with goodies. Students will get 3 stamps for 3 good reasons. Exp. One for listening to the teacher , One for sitting down, and one for doing something exceptional. Most teachers play games at the end of the class so you can give a fourth stamp to game winners.
Now the student that has aquired the most stamps for that class will get to put thier hand in the magic box without looking inside for 5 seconds and pull something out. I also have first second and third places for students who have maxed the board with stamps. Those students usually get a special prize like a nice diary for first, a nice sharp for second, and a nice eraser for third.

Make sure that you play games that all the students can win, not just the students who can speak English well. If your students will not listen to you threaten to write their name on the board. Students who get their name on the board do not recieve stamps and do not get anything from the majic box. If they get 2 checks behind thier name you take them to the office of the hogwon or school and you have the secretary call his or her parents and you have the secretary translate what you say to their mother.
This system has never failed me but remember to find the little things that are good in students and they will respect you for that.

I hope this works well for you!
Jason Wilkerson

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