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The loudest mooer game

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this game is used to loosen a group up a bit, and make them feel comfortable with the new people around them. The game starts off with the mediator saying that one person needs to volunteer to go outside, or far away from where the circle is. (people should be on the floor in a circle formation) this volunteer is told that while he or she is gone one person in the circle will be picked to be the loudest mooer and when the volunteer comes back he or she had three guesses to guess who the loudest mooer is. the catch to this game is that once the volunteer is out of hearing distance, the leader tells the rest of the group that there really is no loudest mooer. the leader tells them that when the volunteer comes in whoever he picks for his first and second guesses are wrong and the third person no matter who is right. the leader also tells the rest of the group that in the next round when the leader picks the volunteer to be the loudest mooer, they will all moo as a group the first and second times, but when it comes time to moo for the last time no one will moo except for the volunteer, embarrassing him or her, because they are trying to moo so loud. so the volunteer comes back and the leader counts one two three and everyone moos and the group follows the instructions. the person that volunteered seems to think that they have found the loudest moooer. then someone else goes out and the volunteer joins the circle. the leader says to them, why don't you be the loudest mooer this time because it would not be expected. so when the other person re enters the room to guess and theleader says one two three and everyone says moo. the leader does it a second time and the same thing happens. then the third time everyone stays quiet except for the volunteer from the last round. this game is sure to bring tons of laughs and make the group lot more comfortable with eachother. have fun with it.

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