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Way Better than Wordsearches

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You know wordsearches... they can take a while to prepare, they don't really provide the students with much language value, and it's a painfully obvious way to try to pad out a lesson...

...well, next time try this:

(1) Find a passage of text, I use two pages of a book my students are using but articles or whatever would do

(2) Give the students - or simply write on the board - a list of 12 or so words. They scan the text for these words and circle them when they spot them.

If you like you can vary it, e.g. by including one 'odd word out' that appears more than once, or a word that doesn't come up at all. Either way, it's a great way to get students used to scanning, and can be used as a lead-in activity if you want to work with the text or vocabulary later.

The best thing about it is you can do it with no prep if you're stuck for ideas in class one day!

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