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WATCH OUT ! Blind and Seek

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The following game is excellent for practicing speaking and listening skills, as well as for building trust amongst your students (or you and your private lesson student). Also, it is a nice game because it gets you out of the classroom for a change. However, if you have too many students who may be rowdy and difficult to control, I would not suggest playing this game.
For this game, you will need at least one blindfold for each pair of students.
The idea is that one student is blindfolded, and the other student must lead them around describing things along the way. The blindfolded student must listen very carefully and may ask questions if necessary (for ex., if the describing student uses a word they don't know...). The describer leads the blind student to something and has the student smell or touch it and then leads the student back to the beginning (they may follow the same route or change it up, describing some more). Once they reach the beginning, the blind-folded student removes the blind-fold and must retrace the exact route from the beginning and back to the beginning, recognizing verbally the sites described along the way, and find the final object that they touched and/or smelled. If it is beginning students, you may have them touch things along the way as well to make it easier for them to find their way, but you must be watchful to make sure that the describing student still describes. This is also a good way to teach students words like "Step down three steps" "Turn left" "Watch out", etc.

This game can be really fun to watch because students laugh a lot if people forget to tell them to step down or up or if the describer finds them something really bizarre to touch.

You may do this game in a private lesson with your student, trading off so that the student practices both listening and speaking.

Good luck and Watch out!

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