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While travelling around the world, wherever you are, pick up maps, maps, maps. Pick veru fun and amusing places such as amusement parks, zoos, malls, stadiums, rodeos, airports whatever is huge and interesting. These activities work best in K-12 classes but have a very strong cultural component to them so they can be used with adults to discuss "situations".
The purpose of holding on to such authentic material (preferably from English speaking countries) is to practice giving directions and vocabulary necessary for everyday survival in English speaking countries. Lexis areas such as utilities (restrooms, public phone, first aid kit), places (restaurant, concierge, lion cage) can be taught and practiced with simple dialogs. This is a great context setter and free practice activity. Most of all it's memorable and really gets your foreign students' mind going!! It's as if they were there. So whether you travel abroad or go home to visit your folks remember to keep maps with you. Your students will love them.

ps: I tend to photocopy the maps and blow them up in proportion.

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