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Perfect ice breaker

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This is a good icebreaker for the first session of a mid-level adult class. I found it at .

Review the grammar.
Have you ever (had, worn, been to, eaten, driven, met).........?
How long have you..........?

Write out the questions on slips of paper and give one to each student. They must talk to everyone in the class and
find the appropriate person. They then must get as much information as they can concerning the answer. Once they
are finished have each student read their question and identify the person they chose. Either the teacher or the
students can then ask follow-up questions of the student chosen.
Example: After talking to all the students I find that Mary has been wearing her watch for 5 years so she has worn
the same watch the longest. I would ask her, "Where did you get it? Who gave it to you and why? How much did it
cost? Has it ever stopped running?


Who has been wearing the same watch the longest?

Who has been going to the same hairstylist the longest?

Who has been living in the same house the longest?

Who has eaten the strangest food?

Who has traveled the farthest?

Who has been driving the same car or riding the same bicycle the longest?

Who's had the same bad habit the longest?

Who's known their best friend the longest?

Who's been keeping their pet the longest?

Who's been doing their hobby the longest?

Who's been playing a favorite sport the longest?

Who has been going to school the longest?

Who has been married the longest?

Who has been studying English the longest?

Who has had the longest hair?

Who has been in the worst accident?

Who has met the most famous person?

Who has been to the biggest city?

Who has been to the most cities?

Who has spent the least money this week?

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