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Drawing is fun...

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Tried this a few days ago and it worked a charm...

I'm working in Korea at the moment and although the children have loosened up a lot since I arrived, it is still difficult to get them to let go and engage in conversation.

I was thinking back to when I was first learning my second language, and remembered that I learnt a lot of it while I was sitting around doing something else. Like painting, drinking and playing cards. Obvious I can't introduce the second option to the children but I can let them paint and draw, as I myself love painting and sketching.

Just give the children some paper put out some pencils, crayons, paints if you have some and just tell them to draw whatever they want. While they are concerned with the drawing they are less inclined to freeze up when you attempt to converse with them. It relaxs the entire class and you get to reinforce some language too.

I can think of no better way to spend my days then sitting around with a really good bunch of children, swapping language and sketching whatever I feel.

Hope it helps some...

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