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Great Uno variation for teaching verb forms

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For lower levels. Help students learn to recognize irregular verb forms by simply replacing the numbers on the Uno cards with verb forms. For example, there are four "1" cards in each deck (of four different colors), so you might replace each of the one cards with one of the following four forms of the verb "draw" i.e. "draw," "drew," "drawing" and "drawn" You might replace the 2s with "swim" "swam" "swimming" and "swam" and so on. I used different colored labels to cover the numbers on the cards with words. Now play the game by the usual rules except match the verbs instead of the numbers. For a wrinkle, you might have the students call out the name of the verb form (e.g. past participle) or you might have them use it in a sentence as they lay the card down. . . . .and don't forget to say "uno."
It takes a little preperation, but you can use it again and again for lower-level students and you can replace them with different words as the students become more familiar with the old ones. I rarely teach lower-level students anymore, but when I did my students absolutely loved this game.

William Bingham
[email protected]

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