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Hey! Whose is this?? Big Bag o' Posessives Game

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This is a fun activity for when you are teaching the posessives.

After a lesson on posessives, I ask the students to empty their pockets or purses and choose 2 items (keys, wallets, phones, cosmetics, etc.)to put in an empty bag. I make sure that everyone knows the name of the item or I write the names on the board.

First, I model the activity by pulling out one item at a time and asking "Hey! Whose pen this?" The owner must yell out "That's my pen." Then I ask again "Whose pen is this?" The class must point to the owner and say "It's his/her pen." I prentend that I don't know who they are talking about and I ask the question again. The class must respond with "It's Pao's pen" or "It's hers." I then ask Pao "Is this yours?" Pao must answer "Yes, it's mine."

When they understand the game I walk around and let students pull an item from the bag and practice asking the questions.

The students really seem to get a kick out of it. I've used it with university level students and pre-lits. Plus, you don't need to prep or photocopy!

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