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Nutty Nouns and other parts of speech

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This idea is based on the Mad-Libs I used to do as a kid. Before class, I write a very basic story leaving out the nouns, verbs, and adjectives, adverbs etc. (you could also buy a Mad-Lib book). Without telling the students the story, I have the students take turns providing words to fill in the blanks where these parts of speech go. After all of the blanks are full, I read the story using the words they have provided. This also works by filling in the blanks on a over head transparency. When all blanks are full, turn on the overhead for them to read along or follow along as you read. I have found this to be a great way to teach parts of speech and to begin looking at sentence structure. For the younger children I start by just leaving out one part of speech at a time and gradually leave more out. They get a good laugh out of their final story.

Rebecca Tarman
Goshen, IN
[email protected]

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